Learning about CERES Microgreens

The CERES Microgreens team harvest pea and wasabi microgreens, which are densely grown seedlings that are harvested young for their highly concentrated nutrients.

The CERES Microgreens are slightly more mature than sprouts, have an intense aromatic flavour and can be grown in small spaces not suitable for other crops.

Our Microgreens had been farming for 8 years out of a shipping container outside the Fair Food warehouse. In 2022 we fundraised from 580 people in the community as part of our Urban Farm Renewal to bring Microgreens to Brunswick East to join the rest of the farm family.

CERES Microgreens learning material was developed with the support of the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

CERES has developed a 3D model of their new Microgreens site. Soon to be launched on this page on  school.ceres.org.au. It shares a suggested layout, infrastructure and equipment you can use in an urbanspace.

If you are interested in learning about CERES Microgreens go to our Online Learning Platform and enrol in our CERES Microgreens Course

OR see the courses that we run at CERES that feature this enterprise, food source and urban farming method.

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