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Employment and training options in today’s world are changing rapidly. Whether you’ve just left school, or your personal circumstances or priorities have changed, or you need to re-enter the workforce after a period of time away, it’s hard to know what direction to take. Our learning pathways support can help you decide what might be a good fit for you and how to plot a path to your employment or personal development goal.

You may have struggled in a formal TAFE or university environment and would like some extra support and guiding steps to a pathway into study or employment. Our learning pathways service can help you and also look into whether you may be eligible for our subsidised ACFE courses for Victorian adult learners. Not sure what to study or where to start? Then keep reading.

Employment and training options and opportunities

At CERES School of Nature and Climate, we can help you explore the employment and training options and opportunities in the areas of Sustainability, Horticulture, Permaculture and Environmental Education through:

Pathways support exploring your interests, goals and current circumstances to identify the most appropriate stepping stones for you.

Please fill in the enquiry form below and we will contact you about our learning and careers pathways or contact our Learning Pathways team at adultlearning@ceres.org.au

Individual impacts and testimonials

Read a few stories and feedback from our past and current Learning Pathway participants.

This course has opened up a whole future for me and the course of my life. J has pointed me in the right direction. I’m very grateful.
ZR, Diploma of Horticulture

I gained “confidence to further my career path and skill development”.

BC, Cert III Horticulture

I “loved every second” and “gained direction in career, further studies, what I want to do, peace of mind”.

AC, Cert III Horticulture

I gained “new ways of thinking … and I have already gained employment in the field … as a direct results of this course and the contacts I’ve made”

RH, Worked in a Nursery and Community Garden.
Being welcomed into CERES through these programs has felt like a new beginning: not only has it introduced me to a range of career pathways, new friendships and connections, but it most importantly has given me a renewed sense of hope and a sense of belonging, which I’m forever grateful for.
RC, Cert IV Horticulture

The course “exceeded my expectations” and I gained “knowledge and so many new skills”. “I am thoroughly enjoying my Cert IV Horticulture. The short course at CERES was so helpful in crystallising my interest in horticulture and re-introducing me to study after a break of 3 years”.


I gained “Confidence, life skills, community, inspiration, and networking. It was even better than expected. It was encouraging and gave me confidence after not studying for a while. I learnt skills that I can use in everyday life as well as in my career. I’m excited that through the class I now have a network. Thank you for this opportunity to grow and become more confident”

AR, Cert III Horticulture

“I learnt so much and I also found out I knew a lot too!”, I liked “the possibilities presented” “so many options!” “A very positive and affirming course which reiterated and solidified my knowledge and provided so many networking opportunities and new connections”. “Great for the soul and spirit”.

SB, Gained employment in a school garden and is developing her own gardening services business.

The impact on Nathan

20-year-old Nathan was referred to our Horticulture Pathways Support Program from his northern suburbs Community School. Nathan’s engagement with the school and learning activities had been sporadic, he suffered from depression and would rarely leave the house. Nathan and his mother came in for a chat with our Pathways Officer, Karen Mengell, about training and employment possibilities in horticulture and/or permaculture and was provided with subsidised places on the Sustainable Gardening and Complete Urban Farmer courses under trainer, Justin Calverley.

When Nathan commenced the course he was very quiet. As the courses went on he gradually participated more. As Justin would say “he blossomed“. As Nathan said in his written feedback he gained “a new perspective“.

When the courses finished in May, Nathan went on to voluntary horticulture/permaculture work at Marist 180 as well as applying for horticulture apprenticeships. At the beginning of September, Nathan came in to share the fabulous news that he had been offered and accepted a four-year apprenticeship in Certificate III Parks and Gardens working at a retirement village four days per week while attending TAFE one day per week. As several of the residents are interested in getting a veggie patch going and keeping a few chooks we can be sure that a little bit of CERES-inspired learning will be applied to his new position. A fantastic outcome for Nathan and CERES.

The impact on Shane

Shane joined us at the start of 2017. He was 20 years old, unemployed, no qualifications, and as he had struggled to finish school, he had drifted since.

Shane’s mum contacted us in desperation.

Shane commenced a Sustainable Gardening course in February 2017, followed by an Introduction to Landscaping course in May 2017, which he dropped out of. But he then returned and completed a Complete Urban Farmer course in July, 2017. In his words he gained “a fresh perspective on gardening and the natural world”.

In late 2017, he enrolled in the Diploma of Conservation & Land Management at Melbourne Polytechnic and commenced early 2018. Aside from his written evaluation “MAGIC!”, we know he’s still smitten with us because clearly he tells his mates about us, some of whom have also since engaged in the program.


*The names were changed in the stories above

We also offer VET courses for adults and students in Years 10, 11 and 12

To learn more about VET courses that can be offered by Learning Pathways – visit our VET page.

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