About the School of Nature and Climate

The CERES School of Nature and Climate is the evolution of CERES’ education programs into a focused response to the climate and ecological crisis we are facing.

CERES has been delivering sustainability education to children and adults for almost four decades. We have been teaching school students and the wider community about climate change and the environmental challenges we face before many people understood the science or even believed they could be impacted by these issues in their lifetimes.

We offer a wide range of sustainability education for:

  • Children aged 2-5 years old
  • Primary and secondary school students
  • Adults aged 16 years and older, as well as
  • Teacher and educator professional learning

In addition, we offer:

  • Whole-school programs including the ResourceSmart Schools program.

Learners can access our services in-person at CERES Community Environment Park in Brunswick East, at their own school, early learning centre of other education facility, and/or online depending on the program and learner needs.

In this section of our website:

  • You’ll find information about Our Community of learning partners, who we work with to facilitate engaging, powerful and relevant sustainability education.
  • You can explore our Theory of Learning, which underscores our values and commitment to regenerative, inclusive, life-changing, and leading education offerings.
  • Discover Case Studies which illustrate the effectiveness of our sustainability education offerings and our learning programs.
  • Meet Our Team of passionate, dedicated educators, trainers and support staff.
  • Find our address and contact details so you can Contact Us quickly and easily.