Nature Connection, Biodiversity and Sustainable Food Systems

Educators, learn about biodiversity and sustainable food systems and benefit from the opportunity to design your own environmental education activity.

First Nations Food Forest

Workshop details

This one-day workshop is part of our Environmental Education – Inspire Change series.

The workshop will run on the following dates in 2023:

Fri 28th Aug
10am – 4pm

Concession available

Through a mix of theory, demonstrations, hands-on and design activities teachers and educators attending the workshop will explore biodiversity, habitat, connection to nature and sustainable food systems.

Learn how CERES teaches biodiversity, explore other biodiversity programs, resources and have the opportunity to design your own environmental education activity.

Topics covered on the day:

  • Nature connection, re-wilding and play
  • Understanding of global and Australian biodiversity
  • Measuring biodiversity – habitat quality – bird surveys
  • Biodiversity organisations and volunteer opportunities
  • Ways of making a difference in your backyard
  • Sustainable food systems – small, large scale and urban systems with guest speaker Chris Ennis, manager of CERES FairFood and urban farmers
  • CERES sustainable food systems – organic farms, nursery, grocery and market, FairFood, community kitchen

Lorna PettiferLorna Pettifer has been working in environmental education and presenting to community groups on sustainability for over 13 years. She currently manages education programs at CERES and passionately focuses on adult education and training programs. Her background in sustainability stems from ecology and zoology and has broadened to community engagement, environmental management, behaviour change and farm and food programs. Lorna has worked as a ResourceSmart Facilitator in schools supporting teachers, students and school systems in sustainability management and whole school behaviour change. She has worked with schools, organisations and communities to help integrate environmental and ethical options into their systems, lives and behaviours. Lorna also has experience as a researcher, bush regenerator, environmental consultant for subject design, GIS consultant and environmental modeller.

What will I learn?

  • What is biodiversity and why preserve it
  • How to measure habitat quality
  • Nature connection activities

What will I take away?

  • Access to online resources and biodiversity activities
  • Inspiration to teach others
  • Confidence in how to create your own activities

What should I bring?

  • Notepad and writing materials

Is this workshop appropriate for me?

  • Suits beginners through to those with advanced levels of understanding in education and environmental studies

Anything else I should know?

  • This workshop is part of the CERES Environmental Education Course. It is designed for participants to enrol in one-day workshops (professional learning days) or the full eight-week course. It allows us to cater for and share the content with people that are interested in specific topics.

Terms and Conditions

Our booking and refund policies, concession pricing information, FAQs, as well as other general terms and conditions can be viewed here.


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