Barton Primary School 2021 Learning Story

In 2020, we focused on completing our Energy module, and in 2021 have been working towards achieving our 4th star. Prior to completing the Energy module, the school’s usage of electricity for each student, yearly, was 334.43kwh, in 2021 it was 216.34 kwh per year per student. This reduction can be attributed to our Student Leaders encouraging students and staff to consider their energy use across the school, which included, closing the blinds closed on hot days, investigating equipment with a higher energy rating than what we currently have, regular maintenance of the air conditioners by SPOTLESS to ensure efficiency and turning off sensor lighting and fans on bright days. However, through our Environmental lunchtime Club, our students identified areas we could focus on to reduce our energy consumption.

To reduce our energy use, our STEM leaders will complete a new student led energy audit and also create posters and signs to put around hubs to remind Barton students to turn off lights and fans. They will present at assembly and share suggestions and reminders for how students can save energy. IT monitors will be in charge of making sure iPad and laptop caddies are switched off over the weekend, and make sure any robots and TVs are not plugged in on standby mode.

The programs that we have implemented at school through completing the ResourceSmart Schools Energy Module are making a difference on a whole school scale with a reduction in the schools energy use since commencing the module. ResourceSmart Schools has guided our practices in the areas of curriculum, campus, culture and community and continues to provide clear goals moving forward.

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