On Thursday 26 October 2017, Harvest Home Primary hosted the Term 4 Sustainability in Schools Professional Learning Workshop for the Northern Metro Region, with 23 staff from 16 ResourceSmart Schools attending.
It was great to have Anthony Simone, the school’s Principal, welcome the staff and talk about the school at the start of the day, and then continue to pop in throughout the day to check on everyone. The staff were also guided on a tour of the school, showcasing the sustainability designs as part of being a PPP school. Andrew, a teacher at the school, did a fantastic job leading the tour highlighting sustainability and discussing with staff their 4-bin waste system, how they link sustainability to their curriculum and shared a few of their sustainability resources. Staff were very impressed and inspired at how Harvest Home Primary have really embraced sustainability as part of their culture.

By Randy Mendez
Outreach Educator

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