April 2019

In this edition of ‘What Inspires Me’ we feature a brief interview with Rosie Curmi, a student involved in the recent global student strikes for climate action!

1. How did you first get started with environmental activism?

Because of my dad! [Ed – Rosie’s dad Nick is Site Manager at CERES]

Rosie, her father and other environmentally conscious individuals at Gili Eco Trust in Indonesia.

2. What has been the biggest highlight of your journey so far?

Going for a walk in Broome with an Indigenous community for 10 days. [Ed – Check out CERES Global’s Arnhem Land – Mapuru trip for your own opportunity to connect, learn and support Indigenous communities]

3. How do you engage with people that are not buying into the sustainability/environmental message?

Not a situation that I’ve encountered!

4. Can you share a sustainability/environmental project or story that you’ve been involved in or heard about that stood out for you?

The Students Strike 4 Climate march when I was holding the kingfisher puppet. [Ed – See our ‘Our Say’ articles on the origins of the Student Strike 4 Climate movement here]

Rosie and the CERES Sacred Kingfisher puppet at the Student Strike 4 Climate rally on March 15, 2019

5. What is your favourite environmental education resource for fellow students?

My dad and CERES!

6. If you could hold one position of power in society, what would it be and what would you do to make the world more sustainable into the future?

Prime minister! I would put the environment at the second top spot to work on.

Rosie (right) at the Student Strike 4 Climate rally, March 15th 2019.

Thank you Rosie for sharing your story!

For more information on the School Strike 4 Climate you can check out their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages!

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