Spotlight School – Killara Primary School

Killara Primary School in Sunbury joined ResourceSmart Schools in 2012, and since starting the program have saved $52,782.13, completed the Core, Biodiversity, Waste and Energy modules, and have achieved their 4th Star.

Killara Primary School (KPS) incorporates an entire school focus and moves through the program with leadership.

Students are heavily involved in sustainability at KPS, with big numbers involved in the H.E.R.Os (Heating, Electricity, Recycling, Officer) program in the school. Students are selected and sworn in at the beginning of the year and are heavily involved in project implementation and design, monitoring, as well as communications to the wider community.

The H.E.R.O.s are involved in the training of other students and occasionally staff members. KPS incorporates a lot of peer-to-peer learning, evident through waste management and garden maintenance processes, as well as through regular reporting/presentations at school assemblies.

The most recent major project installed on campus is the Lizard Lounge. The school applied for a Landcare grant (and were successful). As an example of the holistic approach of the school, the lounge was a joint design project between the Sustainability Team and the Performing Arts team. Students were required to research the lizards and their requirements, before creating a David Attenborough style documentary that they researched, starred in, and produced the music for.

As part of their mentoring and leadership actions to help them achieve 5Star status, KPS hosted a Student Environment Summit in Term 4 2020, run by CERES and Hume City Council. The staff environment team at KPS have also mentored other schools as part of the ResourceSmart Schools program.

KPS have a strong, core environmental sustainability staff team who drive projects and communications. In 2021, they are working towards completing the Water module, renewing other modules, as well as aiming to reduce their energy usage once they have installed solar on campus. These efforts should allow them to submit for their 5th Star.

Visit Killara Primary School’s website to read more about their sustainability journey.

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