Spotlight School – Brentwood Secondary College

Brentwood Secondary College joined the ResourceSmart Schools program in 2009, creating a baseline year of the 1st of January 2010. Since then the school has been active in the program and saved $526,790.26, have completed Core, Energy, Waste and Biodiversity Modules as well as receiving their 4Star certification and is one of 24 4Star schools in Victoria.

Brentwood Secondary College (SC) has worked hard to align the school’s sustainability goals and actions to the 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The school’s Green Team redesigned their existing logo to incorporate the SDGs, showcasing the team’s commitment to tackling sustainability and climate change as a whole. The team’s slogan reads ‘‘Show your care, do your share.’

Brentwood SC have invested a lot of time and energy into upgrading their existing infrastructure by implementing a range of sustainable features to reduce energy consumption. Brentwood SC’s existing solar PV system has been upgraded by a further 68 kW to increase the total capacity to 98 kW. The combined solar system is going to generate 128,116 kWh of electricity and reduce 134 tons of CO2 emissions every year. Brentwood SC is also currently ranked 4th out of 124 participating Victorian schools in terms of their average electricity consumption per student.

In 2019, Brentwood SC collected a total of 5,602kg of preloved clothing and diverted 100% from landfill. This clothing was given a second life by going to local and global communities where it was needed most. Brentwood also recycled 14 kg of old pens, markers, textas through TerraCycle and again were able to successfully show initiative to divert waste from landfill. These practices have continued where possible with the intention of continuing indefinitely.

During remote learning in 2020, the school’s Sustainability Coordinator was actively involved in CERES’ Facebook community, supporting other schools with their sustainability journey as well as supporting students in continuing their connection to sustainability.

Brentwood SC recently submitted and were certified for their 4th module (Biodiversity) and 4Star certification, a huge accomplishment for a secondary school. Brentwood SC are well on their way to being the only 5Star certified secondary school in Victoria.

Visit Brentwood Secondary College’s website to read more about their sustainability journey.

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