Werribee Open Range Zoo provides an open range adventure that will immerse you in stories of the people and wildlife that share unique and valuable grassland ecosystems. Opportunities that link with real conservation action will help you to make a difference for wildlife in wild places.

Biodiversity in Your School is a program run in partnership with Greening Australia and supported by the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE). It is only available to schools within the Werribee Plains. The program consists of 3 parts:
Stage 1. A biodiversity audit of school grounds to form the basis of the school’s biodiversity action plan.
Stage 2. Visit to Werribee Open Range Zoo to connect with grassland inhabitants and make use of a habitat assessment tool to determine the presence of species and the action required to encourage their return.
Stage 3. Development of an action plan to restore and maintain habitat to meet the ecological needs of the school’s selected faunal emblem.
For a range of other Werribee Open Range Zoo learning programs that support biodiversity go tohttp://www.zoo.org.au/Learning/Programs/Werribee
Contact: Michelle Howard 9731 9630
E-mail: mhoward@zoo.org.au
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