Seaford Park Primary School is excited to be a part of Resource Smart Schools, which is a Victorian Government initiative that helps schools benefit from embedding sustainability in everything they do. Here’s why our school is getting involved:

  • Sustainable Living – Minimise waste, save energy and water, improve biodiversity and cut greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Savings – Save money by reducing electricity, gas, waste and water bills.
  • Real-life Learning – Teacher professional development supports student learning and their opportunity to take action.
  • Building Community – Connect with your school and local community, other schools and environmental partners.
  • Recognition – Reach for the stars and receive state wide recognition with Sustainability Certification

We asked our 5/6’s this week what Sustainability looks like to them. Maddie P described the colour Blue comes to mind, a symbol of a leaf and the image of a tree below.

I have started a BLOG that the 5/6’s will help keep updated with all the fantastic programs, events and initiatives that we are doing at Seaford Park to maintain sustainability at our school.


There are lots of exciting things happening in our school’s vegetable garden! When we returned from the school holidays the students were excited to see the snow pea, carrot and lettuce seeds we planted last term have started to grow! The worm farm is going well and making lots of juice – helping our seeds to grow!

Every Thursday Mr Lewis at lunchtime runs our gardening club keeping everything running smoothly. It is wonderful to see children come in each week to help.

We are excited to be starting this blog so please check regularly for updates for what fun events are happening around our school!


Tammy Reid

(Science Teacher)

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