Winter is here so we are going to be using lots more power and electricity. We understand this, but we have some tips to keep you from having very expensive bills!

It’s raining outside, you’re really bored and the first thing that comes to mind is to sit down and watch a movie. So, you go into the hallway to turn the heater on and you turn it on extremely high. Then, you go into the lounge room to turn the TV on and you are extremely hot. What you should have done at the start is turn the heater on low and pile on blankets to keep warm – easy as pie!

Suddenly, you are feeling extremely hungry. You have a bit of a sweet tooth and you really do not want to eat anything savory. Therefore, you go into the kitchen, open the freezer and you pull out a tub of ice cream. You open the lid and see that dad has eaten it all. You suddenly realise the taps dripping. That might either be the tap or it might just be you being paranoid. Anyway, you put the bucket underneath the tap just to be safe.

There are lots more that you can do to save energy around your home. Be keen to stay warm… oops we meant stay green.

Written by Mackenzie and Miria

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