During Term 2 the Sustainability Captains introduced ‘yellow bins” into each classroom. These bins were given to us to use by the Yarra City Council. The council collects the rubbish from these bins at no cost to the school. This saves the school money, and is good for our environment.

The Sustainability Captains had to go to each classroom and explain what goes into the bins, and what is not allowed. The only thing not allowed in the bins is food scraps, which we are planning on using for compost in the near future. Popular items to recycle are lunch wrappers, plastic containers and pencil sharpening’s, but many other goodies can be found and recycled in these bins.

Each week a grade is chosen for their commitment to recycling and for using the yellow bins correctly. They are presented with their award at assembly and the award is proudly displayed in their classroom.

The yellow bins have been very successful so far, and we hope this continues well into the future.

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