At Boronia Heights Primary School we built a tyre wall to contain the softfall on the playground as it kept washing away when it rained. The first time we did not anchor it down to the ground and some thoughtless people came in to the school grounds on a weekend and threw the tyres all around the oval. The second time we put them down the same thing happened again. Although it was lots of work to build the wall again it was worth it because the tyres had been working really well to stop erosion. So we persisted and bolted them together then anchored them to the ground. This shows that we shouldn’t just give up when something is hard AND that we love the environment. Because of our persistence we have been able to recycle old tyres, save space at the tip, stop the erosion happening and create a new native garden in the process. We are only at the beginning of our sustainability journey, and this initiative has been well worth the work!

From Eco Warriors at BHPS.

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