This is a poem that the grade 4 children wrote at the end of a sustainability unit called ‘ Be Wise with Waste”. We presented it at the Resource Smart School Awards, where we were highly commended in the Rubbish Free Lunch Challenge.

Heading down the Sustainability Track.

At Orchard Grove,we’re heading down the sustainability track

We’re looking forward not looking back

We’re always striving to be green

Follow this adivce and be really keen.

RECYCLE your packaging, plastic boxes are the go

No bits of rubbish everywhere and our yard will say ‘yo’

REUSE things like a lovely old tin

Try and save it from the landfill bin

RETHINK before you buy and ask yourself this,

“Do I really need it?”

“No I can give it a miss”.

REFUSE some things that come your way

Say,”I don’t need to have new things everyday”.

REPAIR your old toys like your old bike

Make it look new for some little tike

Think about what you put your rubbish in.

Does it go in the landfill,recycle or compost bin?

We are right next to Wurundjeri Walk

Let’s make sense when we talk

We don’t want our rubbish to blow away

Or in the bushland and creeks it will stay

Our message is be green, not grey

Make rubbish your prey

Don’t leave it astray

Or the environment will pay



That’s how we should do it everywhere

ORCHARD GROVE is on the right track

Looking to the future, not looking back.

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