Recycled paper is the right choice for your school, office and home. But which type should you choose?

Waste Scrap Paper

The BEST CHOICE Is 100% post-consumer recycled office stationery. ‘Post-consumer’ recycled means it has been used at least once as a paper product, and then recycled. It is the most sustainable form of paper to use, as no trees are cut down to make the paper, and it uses and creates demand for scrap paper. (Recycled paper is made from material diverted from the waste stream during the original paper manufacturing process, not from recycled paper waste.)
There are many options when buying recycled paper. Different symbols on the packaging and terms like “post-consumer content” and “process chlorine free” can make it hard to know which is the most environmentally-friendly choice.

Ethical Paper

Greenbiz Check – ‘Recycled Paper Fact Sheet’

Greenpeace – ‘Make Your Office Forest Friendly’

Shop Ethical’s Ratings for Paper

Department of Environment & Climate Change NSW – ‘Know Your Paper’

Note: If you use less paper, and show others how to as well, you will save trees. Now that’s forest friendly!

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