The RED Project is offering the same recycling program as the one you participated in through the Coles competition last year. Your school is invited to participate once again in this fantastic program!

The RED Project has two key objectives:

1. To encourage sustainable behaviours by offering a practical, engaging, Australian-based solution for household flexible plastic waste.

Flexible plastics include:
• supermarket carry bags
• bread bags
• pasta bags
• fruit & vegetable bags
• frozen food bags
• old “green” bags

2. To support primary schoolsby providing RED recycling education workshops, organising RED plastic bag drives, and offering products made from the schools’ own recycled plastic waste.

By enrolling your school in the RED Project, you will be provided all the support you need, including:
> Student Workshops
> Bag Drive Materials and Resources
> Bag Collection Pick Up Service

For more information, see their CERES Hub page
Register your school by visiting

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