Our Tips for Curriculum and Getting Whole School on Board with Waste.

Birds are an indicator for the environment
Many a time we have observed and tallied the scavenger birds and sat and watched them with our rubbish. This has created much curiosity from students and opportunity for letter writing, storytelling and investigation.

Litter audits create opportunity for further investigation and learning
eg. the half-eaten bird, the Mc Donald’s Cup, the canteen LOL cans.

Teaching team waste management plans
Teams factor in paper free days into their fortnightly planning cycles, create signage, no eating outside and environmental pledges.

Incorporate into a whole school Sustainability Expo Week/Day
eg. recycled fashion show and recycled door pledges for environment

Do an audit of your school’s Inquiry curriculum
Where is Waste in curriculum? Where can it be placed?

Embed in Inquiry curriculum
Across school or Environmental Science eg. investigate worms, worm plays, waste in wetlands.

Access expertise from Sustainability Service Providers
Waste education officers (Donna Shiel at Wyndham Council), CERES Sustainability Hub for other schools case studies, look for local action projects.

Get on board with a recycling project and partnership
eg. ‘They’re Calling On You’ gorilla mobile phone project by Zoos Victoria

Create opportunities for kids to teach other kids in the school.

Get a staff and student waste environment team happening.

Create a Waste Strategic Environment Management Plan with a group of staff and student environment leaders and share with whole school
Celebrate your achievements and list your goals.

Link Waste with Biodiversity and Water
eg. Melbourne Water- Healthy Water Ways program, create opportunity to integrate your ResourceSmart modules

Send staff to PDs

CERES often runs free workshops on the Waste Module.

Often very slow so make small steps. Kids having ownership and leading and teaching each other speeds things up.

~ Robyn Cairns, Point Cook P-9 College

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