Five years ago, who knew that energy and how we create it would become the most important issue we face? A few years ago we didn’t even know where electricity came from. How many of us know that electricity creation in Victoria produces the most pollution of anywhere in the world?

We are the worst when we need to be the best – at least we have something to work on!

The problem is that we are ‘cursed’ with heaps of brown coal in Gippsland. (A Brumby minister suggested we are ‘blessed’ with heaps of brown coal, but we beg to differ!) Therein lies the problem – our government sees the worst-polluting power source in the world as a blessing.

It’s like saying we are blessed with the world’s largest deposit of asbestos.

The Hazelwood power station in the La Trobe Valley emits 17 million tons of carbon every year. The burning of brown coal in power stations like Hazelwood is responsible for 60% of our pollution emissions in Victoria.

In December 2007 Mr Brumby spent some time in Bali working on the Kyoto agreement. We are very hopeful that Mr Brumby’s time in Bali will influence his thoughts and actions. We hear that he returned a new man. We look forward to seeing some serious action.

Our highly embarrassing worlds’-worst-practice situation can be fixed, but we will need everyone to help with this one. It is time to stand up to the Big Coal bullies and demand clean renewable energy.

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