Welcome to John Henry Primary School! We are striving to be a 5-star ResourceSmart school, and to do this we have many ideas and visions in place to beautify our school grounds and to minimise the impact that we as a community have on our environment. One of those things is an increase in the biodiversity of our campus, with a specific focus on native plants.

In term 3, Bunnings Pakenham have generously offered to donate 112 native plant tube stock to our school, which will be planted by each Grade Six student and each founding staff member of the school for National Tree Day run by Planet Ark. This will not only increase our connection to our local environment, it will give us an appreciation of our native flora.

We are such a lucky country in Australia. Many of our plant and animal species are endemic – meaning they only exist in our country, nowhere else in the world. At John Henry, we recognise the importance of such a phenomenon and will strive to increase the native plant biodiversity of our campus each year. Having native plants also will help to attract native animal species, further increasing the natural biodiversity of our environment, giving students an appreciation of their local environment and how to care for it, and generally making the John Henry campus a nicer place to be.

Stay tuned for more initiatives in sustainability coming from John Henry!

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