Need to measure the area of your school grounds or buildings?
The best free resource that the CERES Education team has found is by Daft Logic, which uses Google Map and Google Earth satellite images.

Daft Logic Snapshot

1. Go to

2. Above the picture of the map, enter in your school address next to ‘Search For Location’ and click on ‘Search’.

3. Use the tool on the left hand side of the map (under the orange man) to zoom in and find your school.

4. Click on the map and hold your mouse button down to drag the map to the best view possible.

5. Measure the area by:
> Clicking on one of the corners to start measuring – you will see a pink pin appear.
> There is no need to hold your mouse down. Simply click on the each point, in a sequence that connects them.
>You don’t need to click on the point you started at. You will see the area covered by a pink outline and green box.

Made a mistake? Look at the bottoms under ‘Options’ – you can Clear All Points and start again if needed.

7. Now to find out your measurement. Look at the figures under ‘Output : Current Area’.


>> If you have a tablet, you could also try ‘Calculate My Area’, which is a free app from iTunes —

Note: If you are ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic school, you need to find out the square metres (m2) of your school grounds and buildings. You can do this by measuring the school ground and then each individual building (to add up the totals). If the satellite image isn’t up-to-date, measure where you think your new building/s are.

This information is entered into ResourceSmart Online > ‘School Settings’ > ‘Annual’

ResourceSmart Online - School Annual Data Screenshot

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