Organisation: Garage Sale Trail

Program: Garage Sale Trail – 20 & 21 October 2018

This program helps schools to participate in the Garage Sale Trail to fundraise with an environmental message.

Connects to the following modules of ResourceSmart Schools: Waste

Accessible to schools in the following Melbourne metropolitan regions: Eastern, Northern and Southern

Appropriate for students in:
Early Childhood
Primary – Prep to Grade 2
Primary – Grade 3 to Grade 6
Secondary – Year 7 to Year 10
Secondary – Year 11 to Year 12

What is offered to schools:

By organising communities around Australia to hold garage sales on the same day this program aims to:

  • promote re-use
  • reduce waste to landfill
  • enable new neighbourly connections
  • provide a platform for fundraising
  • inspire creativity and stimulate local economies.

Schools get support by:

  • Registering their garage sale online for people to find.
  • Accessing resources on how to run a garage sale.
  • Accessing resources to promote their Garage Sale.
  • Involving their community.

In 2013, the average school made $1,997 via the Garage Sale Trail day.


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