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Organisation: Moreland Energy Foundation (MEFL)

Program: Positive Charge for Schools

This program identifies energy saving opportunities, finds trusted suppliers and helps schools to fundraise for energy saving initiatives.

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Energy module

Accessible to schools in the following Melbourne metropolitan regions: Eastern, Northern and Southern

Appropriate for students in:
Early Childhood
Primary – Prep to Grade 2
Primary – Grade 3 to Grade 6
Secondary – Year 7 to Year 10
Secondary – Year 11 to Year 12

What is offered to schools:

Positive Charge is a not-for profit social enterprise run by independent energy-experts, the Moreland Energy Foundation, and supported by many local councils.

What the program offers:

  • Independent energy saving advice to suit your school
  • Links your school to trusted suppliers for solar and energy efficient lighting, and help you understand their quote
  • Provide advice on funding options for energy efficiency measures (including latest grants)

From start to end, Positive Charge stays by your side.

Website: http://www.positivecharge.com.au

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