domorewithlessOrganisation: CERES Education – Incursions

Program: Do more with LESS

This is a leadership program designed to train students in how to organise and carry out sustainability projects.

Connects to the following modules of ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic: Biodiversity, Energy, Waste, Water

Accessible to schools in the following Melbourne metropolitan regions: Eastern, Northern and Southern

Appropriate for students in:
Primary – Grade 3 to Grade 6
Secondary – Year 7 to Year 10

What is offered to schools:

4 hour workshops – suitable for Grade 3-6 and Years 7-10. Can be used for a student action team training or a class/year level.

These workshops include:

  • Action planning
  • Inspirational leadership models
  • Conducting environmental assessments!
  • Workshopping ideas
  • Futures mapping
  • Students work in small groups to engage with ‘top priorities’ for school sustainability
  • Dynamic, engaging and transformative workshops
  • Creatively connecting to Earth
  • Introduction to Eco-systems thinking

Each class teacher will receive a comprehensive ‘Teacher Resource Pack’ to help the team continue their journey.


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