At Manchester Primary we have implemented the following ‘Energy Efficiency Measures’

– All grades have ‘Energy Efficiency’ monitors who turn lights off and check the temperature in the room before the heater and air conditioner goes on. All classes have a thermometer marked with the temperature for the heater and airconditioner to be put on or off.

Class monitors reduce our energy bills by ensuring

– heaters are set at 18 – 20 degrees

– Air Conditioners are set at 25 degrees

– lights/computers are switched off when not required

– We have installed 70 solar panels . From 1st January – 30th June 2013, while generating 10,065 KiloWatts of power with 70 solar panels, we saved 15,299 Kilograms of CO2 going into the environment, 241,566 litres of water being wasted while cooling dirty coal fired generators ( 2.5 litres of water is used per kW of energy generated) and saved the school $2,516 Level 3 students read the computer screen and gave up to date information, on how much energy has been produced, via school newsletter and assemblies. SETS data shows 65%reduction in Energy use.

– Our school buys 20% of its electricity as green energy.

In 2012 Manchester was the Winner of the ‘Young Scientist of the Year’ award for experimenting the effectiveness of using heat from the compost bin to heat a small hot house. We were also Highly Commended for building a pedal powered generator.

As part of our 2013 Kids Teaching Kids event we taught our students, the community and staff from our and other local schools the benefits of reducing energy usage. The YEP team (Young Environment Protectors) planned the whole day of activities for 60 students from local schools – see attached flyer. They ran the whole day by themselves. Super stars!!!!!

On ‘Ride and walk to School Days’ we have 100% participation which is a huge success.

Origin Energy’s ‘Energy Bob’ Incursion encouraged our students to be energy efficient at school and at home.

Being a Mentor for ResourceSmart AuSSiVic School, we presented at the ‘Croydon Sustainability Fair’ where we explained the Level 3 Sustainable city and their planned use of solar panels, wind generator, geothermal power, hydro-electricity and solar cars.

Manchester continues to strive to seek out and employ leading edge technology, first school in Victoria combining solar panels and new Wintronics system.

Manchester adopts a holistic approach to sustainability, everything is interconnected, and we believe in empowering the students of today who will be the adults of tomorrow and giving them the responsibility for spreading the word. For 6 years we have run a fantastic group of students, YEP, Young Environment Protectors who give up their lunchtimes and after school to develop and run initiatives. As students successfully plan and run an environment project they develop self esteem and leadership skills. They learn that lots of people doing a small amount can make a huge difference..

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