Our world is filled with amazingly quirky creatures with outlandish behaviours and its hard not to be curious about what secrets have yet to be unraveled.

If you’ve come along to a recent CERES Education workshop, you’ll be familiar with our Curious Creatures activity – great as an icebreaker or networking activity. Half the participants act out the creature on their ‘animal card’, while the other half watch on and find the animal that matches the ‘fact card’ in their hand. Lots of fun, and a great opportunity for people to whip out their acting skills.

These cards can also be used in classrooms to match facts with the correct animals and as conversation starters to encourage audiences to share their own amazing facts about the natural world. They can also be used as a tool to draw inspiration from nature and encourage celebration and protection of the environment.

The cards can be purchased from CERES Education for $35 (incl. GST). An additional $8 for postage.

A pack includes 30 cards and is divided into 2 sets:

  • Animal Cards – features a photograph and name of a particular animal, with a matching fact and additional information and references for further reading on the opposite side.
  • Fact Cards: contains an interesting fact about each animal.

To order a pack, complete the form below and we’ll be in touch to confirm your order.

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