This write up was completed by our Environmental Leaders discussing our waster reduction program, Zero Hero.

Zero Hero Program

What is Zero Hero?

At our school we have a program that will help us reduce our landfill it’s called The Zero Hero Program because we don’t want any landfill rubbish in our lunch boxes anymore.

Why Do We Have The Program?

We have this program because we do not support landfill rubbish bin, and so Miss Medwin our enviro ED teacher is proud of us. And as some of the parents and other people know we also have a

Zero Hero Champions?

The Zero Hero Champions are the class that gets the least amount of rubbish, we announce the Zero Hero Champions at the end of every week on Friday at assembly. What is the ides of the program? The idea of the Zero Hero program is not to bring any rubbish to school, instead of putting food in plastic bags/ foil, we are required to bring containers but we can still bring plastic bags as long as we reuse them, but we mostly recommend containers.

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