Student Groups Year 6s- random groups from 100 students were interviewed.
Why do you feel it was important to undertake this Sustainability Action Project on Educating the whole school community on Energy Reducation?
What did you learn about Energy and Energy reduction that you didn’t know before starting the project ?
How will we know or measure if our project on creating Energy reduction advertisements has been successful at Point Cook College ?
Lisa, Wendy, Christine ,Rejah, Cathy
So kids would learn how to save Energy at home. To help Earth and to reduce Green House Gases
If you waste too much non – renewable energy there will be less energy to use. Renewable and non-renewable Energy. The origin Energy website was helpful.
People will react- they will change their behaviours. The Bills will go down.
Using a rap song would be catchy for kids to learn messages through music.
If you use your technology devices less you can save energy and get fitter.
If the kids sing the rap around the school and the bills go down we have been successful.
Gemma ,Toby
To help others understand the concept of “wasting energy”
Learning about the different types of pollution. Many more different types of pollution than we thought there were.
Survey kids randomly over different times. Look at bills to see if there has been decreases.
Jye,Garrod, Kyle
Younger kids can teach each other to save Energy. Educating others to save money at school so we can buy better resources.
We learnt about the differences between renewable and non- renewable Energy and learnt that animals are affected by our actions.
Survey around the school.
Rak, Daniel , Darren
So the school community can learn about why we need to save Energy and how it will help us in the future.
Average family in Victoria uses about 2 Earths worth of Energy per year ( EPA website)
Spot checks for behaviour change around the school eg switching off things not in use.
Nat, Renee,Kyra,Bella,Alexis
Energy waste with increase in kids. Healthier planet for our future. Role model and learn from each other.
Lots of people use it. Types of Energy – renewable and non-renewable.
Survey kids – ask what they learnt
Kane , Jackson
Understanding why we need to save Energy- to encourage people to save Energy.
Renewable- non renewable
Looking at Bills to see if it decreases.
Wilson,Jake,Sophie,Jade and Frank
To persuade others to save Energy to help the planet.
Didn’t know that turning off power would help save animals.
Power Bills go down over time.
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