Each year, our Preps are treated to a “Wriggley Worm” incursion where they learn all about worms and the benefits for our gardens. The incursion undertaken by one of our Solway parents, is a practical, hands on talk covering all aspects of managing a wormerie, including the best type of worm farm to buy, what worms like to eat (and importantly, not eat!), to using the worm castings and juice on our gardens.

The kids love the hands on nature of the talk, especially when they get to “dig” in their own pile and hunt for worms.

Some comments from last years Preps:

“Its slimy”…Amelia

“I’ve got a worm festival over here”…Sam

“My worm is pregnant…does that mean its a mummy worm?”…Stella

“I’ve got a whole worm party over here”…Lachlan

It always proves to be one of our Preps favourite talks.

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