Strathaird Primary School has worked very hard this year participating in a range of activities, designed to develop our understanding and improve the area of biodiversity.

To achieve this we have:
· Completed of inquiry units of work that seek to improve students understanding of biodiversity.
· Developed a vegetable garden area which includes a water tank, worm farm and compost area.
· Built large planter boxes between portables.
· Developed a lunchtime gardening group where students work together to look after the garden and educate one another on good gardening care and behaviour.
· Participated in Schools Tree Day and successfully planted over 600 native tubes.
· Revegetated our senses garden with a variety of plants that appeal to the different senses.
· Raised money to purchase two nesting boxes for the critically endangered Leadbeater’s Possums by holding an animal dress up day with a gold coin donation.
· Held incursions for students from gardening professionals.
· Completed staff professional development.
· Added school data to the School Environment Tracking System and students have been involved in analysing and evaluating data.
· Covered garden beds with mulch to conserve water and encourage healthy plant growth.
· Fenced off newly planted garden areas to protect and encourage plant growth.
Parents, students and staff are very passionate about the changes we have made to our school grounds. We are committed to maintaining and adding to our beautiful gardens and grounds and are looking forward to extending our knowledge and enhancing our skills in biodiversity.
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