Tulliallan Primary School aims to reduce our ecological footprint through adopting sustainable practices in our everyday operations. We will achieve this by embedding sustainability into all curriculum area and instilling a sense of ownership of and pride in improving our school and home environments. We will nurture responsible, resilient and respectful citizens who make informed decisions to reduce their impact on the environment.

Energy – To create awareness of energy consumption and the impact on our natural environment. Develop actions that students, staff and families can be involved with to reduce energy consumption creating an energy efficient school translating these practices into the home. Gather data to audit and monitor the school’s energy consumption.

Waste – To implement the 5R’s of waste minimisation – Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle – across the school and create awareness so the school community can utilise these practises at home. Create a whole school approach to waste minimisation including organics materiel via composting, paper and litter reduction and best ways to do this is an efficient and effective way.

Biodiversity – To develop and implement a whole school action plan that is all about educating students, staff and families about improving biodiversity within our school and linking best practices with the local environment and habitats that surround our school. Our aim is to improve habitat quality within and surrounding our school through part of our whole school sustainability plan.

Water – To become more aware and minimise water consumption within the school to reduce the impact on the environment. We will appreciate that water is a precious resource and educate students, staff and families bout the best ways for water efficiency. Auditing and monitoring of school’s water practices will inform actions across the 5 year planning.

Aims and Targets
As a brand new school starting for the first time in January 2017, we have no baseline data to start from. Once we receive consumption bills outlining school usage we will be able to more accurately create meaningful targets. The targets below indicate an educated guestimate. Benchmark targets are set by Sustainability Victoria.

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