• * Empty ice-cream containers are placed under all taps in order to catch and drips and spilt water. These are emptied at the end of the day by our Eco–Warriors onto plants, trees, grass or given to our animals.
  • Signage has been placed around the school to encourage children to not waste water.
  • Integrated Units have been developed and studied in class focussing on “Water”
  • School’s Water Efficiency Program audit undertaken. Priority one actions included installing control valves on a number of taps.
  • Water bills entered onto SETS (Schools Environment Tracking System) by Eco-Warriors.
  • In 2009 we also entered the BlueScope Tank A Day Challenge with the hope of winning a water tank. Although we were unsuccessful in this attempt, we did receive a shower timer for each child which we sent home with our encouragement to take shorter showers.
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