Although just currently completing our Water Module now, our journey started back in late 2018 when we installed SWEP water loggers. Straight away we discovered that our school was losing an alarming amount of water overnight, when realistically all our taps and hoses should be turned off. This lead to the business manager and I surveying the school grounds for anything we thought might be causing us to lose water. Little did we know that we had many faulty taps, pipes, toilets and urinals, and over the last few years we have managed to fix and replace all our problems to a point where we are losing no water (0L/h) overnight. Furthermore, we officially looked at our Water Module Actions in 2020. Students undertook STEM units on solids, liquids and gasses, as well as focusing on the water cycle. Other grades conducted inquiries on water saving techniques and ran experiments by putting plastic tubs under taps to collect excess water. The grade 6 i sea, i care team help me conduct a whole school water audit which found previously unknown leaky/faulty taps and urinals. Our final process was to engage and educate the whole of our school on saving water. A small group of teachers formed a team to work on the last of the actions and received a PD talk from our facilitator. While students created and displayed new water saving signage in toilet and tap areas. Overall, our whole Water Module journey has been an amazing experience, through many ups and down and don’t forget a global pandemic. We believe our schools is now set up to be able to reduce our water consumptions over the next few years and continue to strive to one day be a 5 STAR school.

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