Here is our update on the Water Module…


When we first began the Resource Smart program our water usage was 2.5 KL per student, which is well below the target set by Sustainability Victoria.

After a focused effort between 2014-2016 to improve understanding of our water usage around the school, we have managed improve how much water we use within the school. Our usage in 2019 was 2.25 KL per student.

To improve our water use we:

  • We implemented yearly audits of our taps, toilets and other water use in the school.
  • The school became involved in a program called SWEP, which assists us in monitoring our usage and tracking data to pick up leaks quickly.
  • We ensured that our water tanks were working effectively and are continued to use to flush the toilets in our school. We have installed more water efficient bubbler taps in the school.

These changes have clearly had a positive impact on our water usage in the school. In the future we will continue to work towards making further improvements to the awareness of how we use water and how we can save water.

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