The children at Templestowe Heights Primary School have participated in many initiatives to raise awareness of water related issues.

These include:
· Making signs for areas with taps encouraging others to turn off the taps and use water wisely.
· Whole school Water Day with activities including writing slogans about saving water, reading stories with an environmental message (Tiddilick, Lester and Clyde), investigating what happens to waterways as a result of littering.
· Attending ‘The Last Shower’ – an educational play performed by Vox Bandicoot.
· Water bills entered on SETS by Environmental Captains.
· Planting of drought tolerant trees and shrubs that require minimal watering
As part of new building works the school has installed water saving fittings including flow restrictors, dual flush toilets and automatic flush urinals. Installation of a 5star dishwasher further reduces our water usage.
During the year our Environmental Captains took part in the Kids Teaching Kids program. The program included water related activities such as The River Story (Yarra River) and 3D Water Pictures.
The accompanying report from our Environmental Newspaper was written by a student who attended the workshop.
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