At Park Orchards PS, we

are serious about saving water. We have received a grant for a BlueScope Steel water tank. We are busily preparing the school for its installation.

We are also eagerly awaiting the arrival of water tanks for our new BER building.

All toilets are dual flush and saves water. To go along with this, we also have automatic flushing urinals. Our taps turn off automatically to ensure that we are not wasting water.

Our prep children love saving water. They are quick to identify a leaking tap and place buckets underneath them to collect water. Our vegetable patch is flourishing from this water. The level 3 students spread mulch over the garden so that the garden beds retain water. Children from Prep – 6 are educated about sensible water usage and the water cycle through the sustainbility aspect of the curriculum.

SETS data has shown that aside from a short term increase in water usage in 2010 when our new building was being built, we are steadily reducing our water usage.

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