On Tuesday Gr 5 and 6 went to Geelong. We visited The Geelong Waste Wise Education Centre, McDonalds and the Drysadale tip. When we went to the Waste Wise Education Centre we learnt about waste. We learnt that it takes 400 years for plastic bags to break down, 14 days for paper to break down and 1000 years for aluminum cans to break down.

After that we went into a meeting room and learnt about our ecological footprints. This is a test that sees if you use your fair share of the world’s resources. We learnt that your land space is only supposed to be 1.9 ha and we take up 9.1 ha. Then we went upstairs and did some activities about how to recycle. We found out that you can only recycle numbers one, two and three in our part of Victoria. Other places in Victoria can recycle more numbers (4 – 7) but in Geelong we can’t. After the Waste Wise Education we went to McDonalds for lunch. At many fast food places they use too much paper to wrap the food up. Also when they give you the toys in the happy meals they are wrapped in plastic. We think it would be better is you just were given the toys with nothing around them and also if McDonalds took some responsibility for recycling.

After lunch we went to the Drysdale tip. A man came on to the bus and he talked to us about the waste and we drove around the tip. At the tip they are going to make a shed and put in things that people can still use. Then he got out of the bus and we drove back to Apollo Bay.

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