The war on waste has began at St Joseph’s! We have worked tirelessly to develop better habts with our students, parents and teachers by revamping our waste plan and expectations. We reduced the size of our bins so that students and teachers would be more inclined to recycle and reduce litter at the school. Students are much more aware of composting food scraps and we have 3 compost bins in our school sustainable garden. We have also introduced a soft plastics bin in each classroom to allow students to separate soft plastics from other waste. Parents and teachers transfer this to Coles in Patterson Lakes but our goal is to not have any soft plastics at school to recycle. We are doing this by educating our school community through our assemblies, school newsletter and school council. We would like to also include feedback in Seesaw our new communication link to our parents. We have used school excursions to St Kilda Eco Centre, Kingston Council incursions, Woolworths excursions and other resources to help educate the St Joeys Community. This is still a work in progress but hopefully next term we will be able to remove the soft plastics buckets so that we become completely nude food!

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