Aitken Newsletter Environmental Programs report on recent progress in relation to waste minimisation and increased recycling at the college:

Environmental Programs Newsletter Article May 2018

Last year, external co-mingled recycle bins were installed throughout the college. We also started a ‘soft-plastics’ recycling program. Since then we have seen a decrease in the amount of waste we are sending to landfill!

Now that we have bins for recyclables, soft-plastics and compost, there isn’t much at all that needs to go into the red landfill waste bins. Our job now is to continue educating students and staff about what can go into each bin, and what NOT to put in certain bins as well. The more emphasis we put on being responsible with our waste, the less we’ll be sending to landfill…and that has huge benefits for the environment…not only by reducing landfill, but also by saving energy and reusing raw materials.

Aitken families can help reinforce what students are learning about waste by having the same waste bins hat home as we have here at the college; recycling, soft-plastics, compost and landfill. If these bins are all being used properly, a majority of your waste is likely to be recycling, followed by soft-plastics, and compost. Landfill waste makes up such a small percentage of rubbish generated by families. We just need to make the right decisions when disposing of our waste.

For more information on what you can recycle, compost and send to landfill, check out these sites:

Hume City council waste categories:

Composting at home:

Soft-plastic recycling:

Cristy Herron

Head of Environmental Programs

External waste bins now include co-mingled recycling receptacles

Soft plastics and compost bins are available in select

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