At Tulliallan Primary School, we are committed to minimising our waste. One of the strategies that we use to divert resources from landfill is the careful segregation of our waste. It is vital that the correct items are placed in the correct bin to avoid contamination. Disposing of waste and recycling properly will:

  • reduce our environmental impact
  • keep valuable materials out of landfill
  • recover materials to support the economy
  • protect natural resources and habitats
  • reduce air and water pollution
  • reduce production of greenhouse gases such as methane
  • save energy and resources

Students and teachers carefully sort their waste into the following bins:

Organic Waste

Each classroom and the staffroom have a bucket for food scraps only. After lunch eating time each day, representatives from each Learning Community empty scraps into the school compost bins and worm Farms.

Paper and Cardboard

We place office paper and flattened, clean cardboard in our blue paper and cardboard recycling bins located in each Learning Community.

Mixed Recycling

We place recyclable items such as newspapers, magazines, cartons, hard plastics, aluminium and steel into our mixed recycling bins located in each Learning Community.


We try to avoid sending anything to landfill but place sticky tape, polystyrene, coffee cups (lined with plastic), laminated paper, straws and other items that cannot be recycled in our Landfill bins.

Soft Plastics

We have introduced soft plastic bins in each Learning Community and outside the Canteen for scrunchy plastic items such as: plastic bags, biscuit and chip packets, bubble wrap, cling wrap, icy pole wrappers and paper towel packaging. We take these to the local Redycle bins located at selected Woolworths and Coles stores for recycling.

Ink Cartridges

We collect our ink and toner cartridges and drop off at Office Works to recycle as part of their Cartridges 4 Planet Ark program.

We encourage families to try using these waste streams and discuss why this is important with their children at home. If they are unsure where to dispose of an item correctly, we encourage the use of the Recycling Near You website or contacting the local council.

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