• RUBBISH FREE YARD: Children remove wrappers from their snacks so that rubbish is not taken out in the yard as this can lead to pollution of our environment or our neighbour’s.
  • One of the biggest problems is of course, chip packets and yoghourt containers as they cannot be easily removed before eating. We have therefore asked parents to help us by providing reusable containers to their children so that these items can be placed or poured into at home then brought to school.
  • THE CANTEEN provides snacks in reusable containers and children are charged a small fee as deposit which is returned when the container is returned. (This idea together with other innovations contributed to our volunteer managers receiving a VSCA award for Best Volunteer Canteen Manager of the Year in 2009 plus 2 other commendations).
  • E-DIARY- Our school’s primary communication for the week is through its diary, which is prepared each week by the Principal and office Manager. It used a lot of paper and occasional waste. At the beginning of the year we moved to an “e-diary” so now it comes via email and if teachers print any of it, it is only the front page with what’s on.
  • Our biggest contribution to this area has been in opening our recycling to metals, glass and plastics. This has taken considerable time in finding a removalist to do it!
  • Recycling ink and toner cartridges
  • Integrated Units have been developed and studied in class focussing on “Waste”. Other activities included:

– “Nude” Lunch Day & entered Rubbish Free Lunch competition
– A Prep/one grade organised and conducted a Garage Saleselling pre-loved articles

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