Waste Story

Level Five students are very involved in Sustainability activities at Hughesdale Primary School. Each class takes turns for a term to collect and empty paper recycling boxes from classrooms each week.

Several Level Five students are also worm bin monitors. Food scraps from classrooms are collected and put into the school compost bin each day. An award is given at each whole school assembly, every third week for the class with the most food scraps collected.

A Rubbish Free Lunch is held every Wednesday, and a whole school Annual Challenge is held each year.

A small group of Level Five Rubbish Free Lunch monitors assist with organizing and recording results for the Annual School Challenge. They also give out small rewards at whole school assemblies for chosen students having Rubbish Free lunches.

Students develop their speaking skills by making announcements and speaking at whole school assemblies.

Organizational skills and team work are developed by working together to distribute and collect worm bins around the school. Group decision making is used to decide lots of incidental questions that occur during the year. The students always have new ideas for improving the Sustainability program.

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