Waste Learning Story 2020.

Our term focus has been on “Waste materials” to help renew our Waste Module. We have looked at reducing, recycling and rethinking how we can re-use soft plastic, wood, bamboo, metal and fabrics. We have talked about where we find waste items, what we can do with them and whether we can build with them. We have created real-life experiences from these waste materials to construct cubby houses, shelters and tee-pees. The Kindergarten children have set up a worm farm to compost their vegetable waste.

Through completing the waste module we learnt that we can reuse lots of every day items to construct creative art pieces. We have also started a soft plastics collection in the staffroom.

We were happy to see that after conducting our waste audit in Term 1 2020 we had very minimal contamination of our bins. Our school is litter free because we have No outside at all – all eating is done inside as a learning experience skills development and language (learning to communicate using auslan and aural language)

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