Waste Day Story

When: Term 2 2019, Thursday 27th June

Who was involved? Students from Foundation to Year 6

What happened? All students participated in activities which were about waste – production, separation, compost & biodegradability as well as recycling & landfill operations.

Linda Grant from Barwon South West Waste and Resource Recovery Unit ran a workshop about sorting waste into different streams.

Sally Jensen our RSS Facilitator ran a workshop about waste in the ocean and the life span of some common plastic waste.

Mr. Staples our science teacher ran a workshop about biodegradability and compost.

Miss Amelia ran a workshop about recycling and reusing products rather than throwing them into landfill.

All students in the school participated in these workshops (for 40mins) before rotating to the next one. Students were grouped into house groups (multi-aged).

Teachers were assigned to each group and assisted throughout the activities.

At the end of the day all students had a better understanding of the impact that their waste disposal has on the environment, better ways of disposing common waste items, and different uses for common recyclable items.

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