At Croydon Hills P.S. we are proud of our efforts to be a sustainable school and encourage sustainable behaviour and environmental awareness throughout many aspects of our curriculum. We have great learning areas including our farm where students grow a variety of vegetables and enjoy collecting the eggs from our chickens and we value our whole school approach to sustainable practices.

Recently we implemented a whole school composting program where each class has its own compost bin and compost monitors that empty it at the end of each day. Our Eco Leaders man compost bin stations around the school and assist students with emptying and cleaning their bins. This has been a fantastic way for us to generate useful soil full of nutrients that we use to grow our very healthy vegetables and also has been a great way to reduce the amount of waste at the school.

Another whole school program we have recently modified is our Rubbish Free Lunch program. At CHPS we have been running our Rubbish Free Lunch program on a Monday where students and parents were encouraged to have a lunch with no waste. Our Eco Leaders would visit each class to tally what percentage of students had a rubbish free lunch and the winning class would receive a trophy at assembly. This program was working fantastically and parents and students showed a real keenness to participate. Over the past few years, our school has grown considerably, adding close to 200 students, and this has increased the amount of waste the school has. To combat this increase in waste we have implemented rubbish free lunches all the time. Students and parents have continued there keenness and are on board and the level of waste at school has been minimized by about 50%. We believe that with having almost 700 students we are producing only a small amount of waste and are very proud of our achievement.

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