As part of the ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic Energy Module, Grade 5/6 students at Clifton Springs Primary School have created a fantastic cartoon called Volt and The Electro Ninjas Vs The Black Balloons, highlighting ways to save energy around the school.

Working with the school Principal, Brent Richards, the students usedComic Life* software to create the cartoon, which involved script writing, energy efficiency research, storyboarding, interpersonal learning, costume design, use of digital cameras and computers, and fake German accents!

The use of comic writing is a fantastic and fun way to engage students with the Energy theme, (as well as any number of other sustainability themes), and is perfect for sharing and spreading the good news about your sustainability actions to the broader community.

Anyhow, enough stalling…here’s how the adventure begins:

Principal Oldconnor is at his desk worrying about the huge Electricity Bills in the school, saying “Ze bills are over vone million dollars! Vhy are they so high?”

Meanwhile his assistant, James, thinks to himself, “Hmmm…sounds like a job for Volt and The Electro Ninjas!” James rushes off to his secret cupboard, re-appearing as Volt and ready to battle with the evil ‘Black Balloons’ whom he suspects are behind the bill blowout…

Will Volt and The Electro Ninjas be able to defeat the Black Balloons?

Or will the energy wasting Black Balloons triumph?

Find out the exciting conclusion to the story by downloading the complete cartoon from the Clifton Springs Primary School website –

* N.B. Comic Life software is included free with Mac OSX, and is available on some DEECD EduStar Images, under the ICT tab.

Happy cartooning!

By Anthony Mangelsdorf (CERES ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic Regional Facilitator)

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