This infographic from Sustainability Victoria clearly shows the incredible achievements of Victoria’s ResourceSmart Schools last year. With around 50% of Victorian schools participating in this initiative, one can only imagine what can be achieved if all schools were involved in ResourceSmart Schools.

The data used to create this infographic was collated from ResourceSmart Online, an online system managed by Sustainability Victoria which schools use to monitor resource usage by entering in their billing data for electricity, gas, waste, water, etc. The aim of course, is to reduce their consumption of these (and increase biodiversity in the school). ResourceSmart Online was introduced to schools last year, and continues to improve with various functionalities and is a vital tool for schools working through the initiative.

Schools that are not involved in ResourceSmart Schools are welcome to use this free online system. Simply visit the ResourceSmart Schools website and register to create an account. Visit the Resources page for guidelines and a user manual.

If you’re a school in Northern, Southern or Eastern Metro Melbourne and interested in working through ResourceSmart Schools, please complete our expression of interest form to be added to a waiting list should any funding become available.

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