This year, Vermont Primary School finalised their last module in the Resource Smart Program! It is absolutely a moment of pride for the sustainability team.

We have been involved in the program since 2014, and have made some significant changes across the school. To celebrate, this week we will be posting some learning stories to show just what we have achieved over the last 7 years.

To begin with we have made some key changes across the whole school:

Whole school sustainability:

VPS embeds sustainability into the school curriculum where possible, which includes a set of stand-alone Sustainability lessons, developed by the staff, implemented across the school each term.

The students work in partnership with the staff and are directly involved in the planning, developing and implementing of the program. The students in each class elects 2 Planet Savers and there are 4 who school Sustainability Leaders in Year 6. These students assist in decision making and projects around the school and help their classmates and teachers by checking lights, bins recycling and monitoring dripping taps.

The Year 5 students are provided the opportunity to be involved in a program call Kids Teaching Kids, where they prepare and present a workshop for students from other schools around the state.

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