Tree day was on 24th of July 2015, The Green Team baked cookies at lunch time down at the Kitchen Garden with Andrea’s help. Karen had set up the ingredients for us to make ANZAC cookies, chocolate chip cookies and gluten free cookies. It was our thank you for all the volunteers who had given up their time to make our Front Playground look greener.

We planted various native plants that Andrea had purchased using our local council vouchers. We were planting because it was National School Tree Day and to increase our school’s biodiversity. This habitat building will also help with animals and insects to have a home.

Some of the important people who came included Amelia from Bunnings and John Persutto, a local Hawthorn member of parliament. We also had some wonderful family members and friends who joined us.

We enjoyed it a lot and our school will enjoy the future greenery!

The Green Team

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