As part of growing as a sustainable community, the staff and students and St Catherine’s will now increase recycling at school to include other items – not just paper. A great step in supporting a reduction in waste to landfill.

The students throughout the school also have the opportunity of participating in the ‘Things of Bintrest’ Kingston Council Competition which invites students to get creative about spreading the word about the key waste and recycling messages.

The purpose of this exercise was to raise awareness of the necessity to recycle and to send home four very important messages:

  1. Steel cans are recyclable
  2. Aluminium cans, foils and trays are all recyclable
  3. Composting can reduce landfill by 50%
  4. Soft plastics do not belong in the recycling bin

We are very excited to announce that 2 overall winners were two of our very own students – Joseph W and Aaron in Year 3! We also had many students across year levels for their highly commended work in creative writing and art. Well done to all on getting the message out into the community!

Winning Entry

Well g-day mate. Australia, quite a good land from my point of view but yours different as you have heard on the news about all our rubbish and the animals dying because of it. Well I’ve got a plan. Reduce reuse and recycle. Oh and soft plastics don’t belong in our recycling bin! So please help us save the world and the poor animals. So reduce, reuse and recycle!!! So remember the three R’s.

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